She Grew Fast

John, like most guys, was complacent about his strength. He wasn’t weak, he worked out sometimes, and he looked ok. Sure, he wasn’t ever going to be a super buff gym rat, but he didn’t really want to be.

At least that was the case at the beginning.

When John’s sister started to work out in her late teens, John encouraged her at first. Throughout highschool she had been complacent with her fitness and when he left for college, he sat her down and gave her a lecture about her health that she, as a then-15 year old completely ignored.

Now he was back, working from home in a sales job to earn some money, and he found that after four years, his lesson had finally sunk in. He thought it was great that she was taking an interest in her health and fitness, and the caliber of guy she seemed to interact with at her gym was better than the ones she hooked up with from the bar….
So, ever the good and loving brother, helped spur Liz to greater heights. He pushed her to go the gym on days she felt lazy, trained with her sometimes at home, and bought her protein shakes when she was low on cash.

All was well, at least for a while.

Before long, though, he started to notice that her muscles were growing — and not just “girly” muscles like legs and butt, not even “unisex” muscles like abs, but her shoulders, pecks, biceps, triceps, everything — she was looking bulked! It was impressive, but he didn’t like the fact that she was starting to look bigger then he was.

He thought about working out more himself, but it was a lot of effort; he hadn’t worked out regularly in a long time, and besides, he told himself, as a guy he should be naturally stronger without having to work for it, especially in the upper body.

For the time being he took some comfort in his remaining slight advantage in size.

He couldn’t help broaching the subject with her, though, one night after she came home from the gym and was showing off her gains:

“Geez, Liz, it’s like you’re gaining muscle every single time you go to the gym.”

“I know! I love it.”

“Yeah…but it’s crazy, that shouldn’t be possible, it takes much longer than that to see visible improvement, usually.”

“No, it takes *you* longer than that to see visible improvement, cuz you don’t work out much and your body’s not used to it. Also I’m a girl, girls gain muscle faster.”

“Ok, now *that’s* just not true….”

“Oh really, wanna bet?”

“Seriously, come on.”

“Seriously! Wanna know why guys always feel like they’re stronger? It’s cuz they *start off* with more muscle naturally — like nature’s way of giving them a boost to be guys. But when girls start working out, their bodies figure out what’s happening and they can usually build muscle noticeably faster than guys. It’s proven by research — but most people don’t notice it because not a lot of girls concentrate on their upper body, and guys don’t care as much about lower body, so there’s not the same competition.”

John wasn’t sure what to say to that, but he was sure what he was going to be googling for verification later….

“And guess what else?”

— I don’t want to know — John thought.


“A girl’s muscle is usually more compact than a guy’s. So we still can look sleek and fit and sexy and be really strong. Like me!”

He couldn’t help it. He was starting to get annoyed.

“You’re not sexy.”

“Ouch. Am too.”

“No. You’re not sexy, and you’re not as strong as you think.”

“Excuuuse me John, you know very well I am sexy even if you can’t admit it because I’m your sister. But you damn well know I’m strong, you say so every time I come back from the gym!”

“Yeah, well, I’m just trying to make you feel good.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah, really.”

“Well if I’m not strong, you should be able to out-armwrestle me.”

“Fine, you’re on!” She might be getting stronger, but I’ve still got *some* bulk on her.
They set up at the kitchen table, clasped hands, got ready.

“One, two, three…go!”

Almost instantly John’s hand hit the table, the wrong way.

“Hah”! — Liz

“Damnit…” — John, that one.

“I don’t know what happened there — ”

” — I do!”

” — but I want to do it again.”

“Haha, fine, John, fine.”

But three more trials didn’t change a thing, except that one time he held out for a full three seconds.

Liz couldn’t stop cackling, and John was red in the face and couldn’t look her in the eye.

“I told you I’m strong! I told you girl muscle looks stronger than it is! Admit it!”

“I’m not admitting anything. You’re not as strong as you think.”

“Come on, John, I just beat you and you know it, don’t be a sore loser.”

“I’m not. It doesn’t prove anything.”

Liz sighed. “John, you’re being ridiculous. You want me to prove I’m stronger? Fine.


“Wrestle? Neither of us has ever really wrestled, what would be the point?”

“That is the point! We’re both inexperienced, so we stand an even chance.”

John didn’t like where this was headed, but he didn’t see a smooth way out, so he resigned himself to giving it his all.


They cleared a space and got on their knees to start.

“Ready?” Liz asked.


“Go!” — at Liz’s word, John dove for her midriff, knocking her backwards and nearly driving her to the floor.

A good start! John thought. But it was also a strategical error, because Liz now easily wrapped her arm around his neck. They both lost balance and he went down on top of her, her arm still around his neck. Her grip weakened slightly when her back collided with the floor, and John used the opportunity to grab her arm with both hands and yank — but she really was strong! And he couldn’t move her arm away. Liz got her breath back in a second and stared tightening. He squirmed, but she wrapped her legs around his body and trapped him against her, ending his resistance. He could feel her body, tight and hard, muscular and unyielding, easily resisting every move he made. It was impressive, but frustrating.
But he quickly lost focus of that and everything else besides Liz’s tightening grip and his inability to breath. Except for his arms, he was completely trapped, and those arms weren’t doing much of anything against Liz’s mass of muscle.


I don’t want to lose.

But I’m fading fast….


But I’m waiting to the last moment. It’s a matter of pride.

The seconds ticked by. Liz cranked up the pressure as John’s already futile resistance grew weaker and weaker, and finally —

“– I give” John squeaked as he tapped her side to let her know he’d had enough.

Liz loosened her grip around his neck, but didn’t let go.

“Admit I’m stronger. You owe me that.”

“Ok, ok, you’re stronger. I get it.”

“Yeah, now you do. And admit that I’m right about how girls grow muscle.”

“Oh come on. That could just be you…” — Liz started to tighten her grip again — ” — ok, ok, ok, stop, please, you were right.”

Liz smiled. “That’s better.”

John didn’t know if he believed her or not, and frankly didn’t want to, but he couldn’t avoid recognizing that she was stronger, much stronger!

A thought occurred to him as he lay on the floor, fuming, long after Liz had gone — maybe he could get her to stop working out so much. And if he started working out more as well, he could get things back to their proper balance…it was something to think about….
He didn’t know, but you do, that he didn’t stand a chance…but that’s a story for another time.

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Don’t get a girl angry.

Don’t get a girl angry, even if she’s your friend.
Don’t get a girl angry even if she loves you.
Don’t get a girl pissed off, because a pissed-off girl is dangerous.
Have you ever had to fight a girl? I mean really tangle with one. They get scary, they get strong, stronger than they look by a mile (this is especially terrifying if they’re already obviously strong!)

Don’t fight a girl, because you will lose.
Don’t fight a girl, you’ll be humiliated.
Don’t fight a girl, you will get hit and hit hard, and it will hurt.
Don’t fight a girl, girls are scary….

Unbalanced, Chapter 2

For a few days, Glen managed to keep the problem under control. He made sure that he and April were never using the same machines at the same time, and would just meet in between for moral support.
But this didn’t satisfy April at all – she was here to help Glen work first and foremost, and if she wasn’t spotting him, counting his reps, urging him on, they weren’t doing things right. She told Glen as much in a very firm manner.
Glen did his best to resist this idea, but since it made so much practical sense from an external point of view, he eventually succumbed.
It took about five seconds for April to realize how much stronger she was comparatively than she’d realized. After April did her sets she always needed to set them back down a large amount so that Glen could handle it. The difference between their power was obvious – and growing.
April didn’t care, she was a girl and didn’t feel competitive about it, though she felt bad about how hard Glen was taking it. He was starting to be ashamed to be seen in the gym with her, feeling everyone’s eyes on the back of his neck (correctly or incorrectly didn’t matter) watching him lift less, far less, than a girl smaller than himself.
April didn’t like Glen feeling this way, and she didn’t like how it was effecting his gym performance. She decided on a new strategy. She convinced him to start working out at home more, where she would join him, bringing her own equipment and them working out together. They even started investing in larger equipment that they could use jointly.
It was better, Glen was obviously less embarrassed, but something still wasn’t right. Glen still hated being so much obviously weaker than April was, and it was starting to effect their relationship. It was time for April to come up with a new plan, a better plan….

Unbalanced, Chapter 1

He didn’t like to admit it, but she’d always been stronger than he was.

From the first day Glen had met the girl who would become his closest friend, he’d noticed the surprising power April held in her small frame. April had always been athletic, was an member of the hockey team all through middle and high school, and was an avid sports enthusiast – she was always getting into some new physical adventure. So even though she didn’t really work out per se, her body had developed formidable strength.

Strength was never a cornerstone of their relationship, though, and their strength difference was usually easy to overlook. April suspected but didn’t confirm the situation, and neither of them pushed the point. And if once in a while April pulled something out of his hand a bit too easily, or opened the occasional jar when he couldn’t, it was something he could ignore or pretend was a fluke, even when he knew better.

Only once in a while did it get actively uncomfortable, like once when he had pissed her off, and pinned him down in an uncomfortable way and wouldn’t let him up until he’d apologized sufficiently.

But even moments like that he could put down as luck and leverage.

This remained the status quo for some time, until he decided (independently of his relationship with April) that he wanted to get stronger, fitter, in shape. He started frequenting the gym, bought workout equipment for when he didn’t feel like going out, made some lifestyle changes to get healthier. It had been a long time coming, he felt.

April was very supportive of his choice as a general positive lifestyle. He appreciated the support, and it was great…until April decided that the best way for him to get better was to have a gym buddy, which meant she’d start working out on the regular, too.

Understandably, this made Glen a bit uncomfortable, given their existing imbalance. He was going to have to think of a way to stay ahead of her….

Why We Love Strong, Muscular Women

There is a prevailing opinion that any girl who is more than slightly athletic is “weird” or “manly.” Muscles on a girl are unseemly, they think.

Not everyone feels that way.

For those in the other boat, we’re often asked what we find attractive about such a powerful she-beast.

Here are a few points:

  • Strong women are hot. It’s no secret that fitness makes a better figure. Muscles add to that, making a frame that is a beauty to look at.
  • Strong women are great in bed. High endurance, increased libido, and a fast metabolism are just the beginning here.
  • Strong women are fun to be around. Power builds confidence, and a powerful women is unafraid and unabashed, and it shows in interactions ranging from everyday conversations to flirting and more.
  • Strong women are scary. Perhaps this is an acquired taste, but there is something unreservedly sexy about a woman who could overpower you in a heartbeat.

Tell me I’m wrong.

Great FBB YouTube Channels

BodyBuilding Babes



Melody Springs



Plenty of content for you to watch girls stronger than you’ll ever be 😉

Fitness Girl Gym Workout

VD Productions

Fitness girl has a great time exercising in the gym. Watch in 4K.

Filmed and edited by Leeds-based sports and fitness videographer Vlad Dimov.

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Female Muscle & Strength PSA

As a fan of strong, muscular women, I always take any opportunity to (nicely and gently) encourage my female friends to workout and get stronger, especially those who are already inclined towards fitness.

What I’ve discovered by being involved in their journeys is that while genetics definitely plays a role, there are some really critical factors that can take a girl from struggling to PUMPED:

  • Eat more.

    Women often struggle to lose weight and are afraid to commit to the kind of eating required for noticeable muscle gains. But when you WORK hard, you can EAT hard. I had a friend who doubled her calorie intake and doubled her workout intensity, and started gaining like never before!

  • Get intense.

    Don’t be afraid to go a little crazy and make your workouts legendary. Your body will respond to your pushing and you’ll start getting stronger faster than you could ever have thought possible.

  • Lift! 

    Girls like to focus on aerobics, sometimes out of habit, sometimes out of fear of looking “too muscular.” Trust me, that’s not going to happen by accident! Lift like a man and you’ll be strong like a man – or stronger, sinc many women can gain muscle faster than men once their body is used to it.


It’s been my pleasure to watch several friends discover these things and get progressively more excited to work out, get stronger, and watch their progress. For any aspiring women out their who want to get strong, I hope this can help!

Beaten – a Poem

I didn’t think that much of you.
I took your strength for granted.
I saw right past your strength and bulk
It was your beauty which enchanted.

But when you deigned to speak to me
I saw now what you were
A goddess, strong and gorgeous too
With curves of such allure

From that time on, it seemed to me
Nothing else existed
My eyes and heart saw only you
My mind and soul insisted.

So I worked to be your equal
To one day be worthy of you
I cleaned up, ate well, ran and jogged,
You see, I hadn’t a clue-

That day when we finally coupled
It was truly my dream come to be
But you laughed at my pitiful muscles,
Who knew you loved outmuscling me!

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